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Personalized Christmas Eve Boxes: The latest Christmas Trend

Within the last few years, Christmas Eve boxes have become a popular new tradition that families are adding to their Christmas Eve celebrations. The phenomenon has caught on in most British households and consists of a box filled with everything a child would need to enjoy Christmas Eve festivities including sweets, pyjamas, movies, hot chocolate, small toys, games, books, and reindeer food. Boxes can be customised for your family's own traditions and for each child in your family. Mam and Dad can even have a Personalised Christmas Eve boxes for each other too!

Many people wonder if the Christmas Eve box is really just replacing the tradition of Christmas stockings. After all, the expected contents seem to be the same. One way to make the Christmas Eve box different from the stocking is to use the contents of the box that night, on Christmas Eve. The shops are closed, and kids are stuck indoors, anxiously awaiting Christmas Day. A personalised Christmas Eve box that they can open that day and use brings the holiday magic a day early!

You can use anything box shaped, from cardboard boxes to crates or ornate wooden boxes. Parents can buy empty boxes and fill them up at home or order pre-filled boxes with the most common Christmas Eve traditions like hot cocoa, a Christmas box, and pyjamas, or DIY the entire project and build a box themselves. Parents who want to make the tradition even more meaningful can order personalized Christmas Eve boxes with their child's name engraved on it. Some families also enjoy the tradition of having the box come from the elves, sent ahead of time to ensure the child that they were on the nice list. The box can include a letter from Santa or picture of the nice list with your child's name on it that the elves took! Families that attend Christmas Eve Mass can include a beautiful new dress or shoes to be worn to church that evening rather than pyjamas. The options are endless when you are personalizing your child's Christmas Eve!

Ideas for Themed Christmas Eve Box Content

Making your child's Christmas Eve Box is completely up to your imagination and what your child enjoys. Generic items listed in these theme ideas can be personalized to your child by getting the items that reflect their personality such as pajamas with their favorite character or each child's personal favorite candy for the cinema.

Movie Night- This classic box this is usually comprised of pajamas, theater candy, a Christmas movie, popcorn, packets of hot Cocoa and a Christmas mug, and sometimes even a snuggly blanket and pillow. Families open the boxes right after Christmas Eve supper and change into brand new pajamas then settle in to watch a Christmas film together!

Ice Cream Sundae Bar- Kids love ice cream (and so mom and dad!) the kids are already going to be buzzing with excitement waiting for Santa to come, so why not have the elves drop off some special sundae toppings for dessert! Fill each child's personalized Christmas Eve box with a novelty ice cream bowl and spoon, crushed candy cane or Antes mint toppings, marshmallows, cherry reindeer noses, shaved coconut snow, snow man buttons made from m and m's and other Christmas candy novelties.

Christmas Story Box- For the book worms in the family, a Christmas book box is always fun and endearing. You can include a different book for each family member of their own favourite genre and another short Christmas book that each person can read aloud while sitting together in front of the fireplace. Other items that can be included are hot chocolate, book marks, reading lights, Amazon gift cards for Kindle books, Pyjamas, and their favourite snacks.

Christmas Magic Box- Every child loves the magic of Christmas and a magic themed box is always a fun tradition. If your children love Harry Potter, you can include licensed potter product like a golden snitch fidget spinner, a classic red and yellow striped scarf, magic wands, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's, a sleeping potion (hot chocolate or cider), magic reindeer food to leave out and other magical treats.

Adult Boxes- You donít need children to have Personalised Christmas Eve boxes. Grownups can indulge in the Christmas Eve box tradition as well. Boxes can include wine, bubble bath, massage oil, candles, pyjamas or lingerie, personalised Christmas ornaments, chocolates or other treats, movies, or CD's (or iTunes gift card) and maybe even a special gift like a new watch or necklace. Adult boxes can be about spending a romantic Christmas Eve with your partner or just including fun gifts they will love.

Family Game Night- Each person's box contains a different board game or card games to play as a family! You can also include pyjamas, candy, salty snacks, reindeer food, a letter from Santa or the elves, personalised ornaments, marbles, jacks, and other small children's games.

Cookie Making Stations- Most families love to indulge in sweets around the holiday and the tradition of leaving milk and cookies for Santa is still alive and well in the UK. Create Christmas Eve cookie decorating buffet stations out of each child's box with premade sugar cookies, sprinkles, icing, and their favourite toppings! Make some to eat and some to share with Santa Clause. You can also do this as mince pie making stations as well.

Christmas Eve Boxes for Pets- Your family pet is part of the family too, so they should get a personalised Christmas Eve box as well! Have your dog's name engraved on a box and fill it up with treats, bones, a new collar and leash, toys, and doggy spa items. You can also include new grooming tools outfits for pets, cat nip or other treats your pets like to have on special occasions.

Christmas Eve boxes are a fun tradition for any family and can be used for other holidays outside of Christmas that involves gift giving. The magic of Christmas can truly come alive for children who get personalised Christmas Eve boxes, especially when they can become a treat to look forward to year after year.